Samantha Cerney




Samantha's Bio

Samantha Cerney is known for her love of colors, animals and love for her family. She originally was a pre-vet major at Tabor College in Hillsboro, Kansas when she then discovered she couldn't continue without art. She changed her major and moved to sunny San Diego to study animation at the Art Institute of San Diego-California. She graduated with her BS and immediately started teaching art at an elementary school. That led to her becoming the first fine arts painting teacher at the Rock Academy and writing the curriculum to grow the arts program there. After a couple years Samantha decided to step out of the art teaching role and become a full time homemaker to her two little boys and find her own unique painting style.

Samantha explored many different techniques, but found home when she started painting animals in neon colors, abstract splash and fine detail lines to finish off each painting.  These paintings glow under black light and each color is perfectly placed to add definition to the creations.  Samantha's goal is to always put family first, but show her boys to never give up on a dream and it will happen!

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Sample artwork