"If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: I am here to live out loud." - Emile Zola

Amanda is an artist/photographer living in Southern California. Her education is in Electronic Engineering. She spent a brief time traveling to China, where she fell in love withthe Asian culture and Old World traditions. Amanda believes that experience has influenced her ability to embrace different cultures and lifestyles. She loves shooting Macro Photography because it forces her to stop and see things she would have normally passed by. By painting in Black and White, Amanda strives to show the stripped down raw, emotional, and vulnerable moments that might otherwise go unnoticed. Her art has been seen hanging in several business all over Northern and Southern California. Her paintings and photography have been in galleries and art shows in San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County. She can be found at the San Clemente Village Art Faire every month.


Arturo Martinez was born in Tlacotalpan Veracruz Mexico. He is the son of a notable poet from Tlacotalpan. He learned from the vast musical tradition of "Son Jarocho" genre at a very early age. Arturo drank the inexhaustible wealth of this unique musical form so rich in lyrics and rhythm. His artistic search also lead him to study fine arts. Creator of the musical ensemble "Son Mestizo" he starts new facet writing and singing " Son Jarocho music". In his music and paintings he exposes the big question of the root and the fate of the Mexican Indian and the mestizo. His music and paintings reflects the Spanish and Indian culture.

In his paintings, he enters the river to steal his secrets, his music and his colors. He wants to capture on canvas the pride of his lineage, the stories, the magic, and traditions of a village surrounded by the mirrors of the Papaloapan River. He wants people to notice the the colors or the river, the musical references, ranges, overlapping shapes, circles, cylinders, truncated cones, inverted convexity, and ellipses with glowing tone accents. Within the strokes of his paintings, you can see and hear an evocation of his town square, the fandango music, the people and the multicolored houses full of light.


Caley O’Dwyer is a visual artist, poet, and teacher living in Los Angeles. His artwork is usually centered in drawing and traverses multiple modes but he mostly works with oil and acrylic on canvas. Caley grew up in the theater. Both of his parents are actors and his godfather, Jac Alder (1934-2015)—founder of Theatre Three in Dallas—was the longest-reigning artistic director of any theater in North America. Caley’s paintings and writing are highly influenced by his childhood in the green room, the light booth, and rehearsal halls. His paintings and other artworks have been on display in numerous shows throughout Los Angeles and his poems have appeared in Alaska Quarterly Review, Prairie Schooner, Cream City Review, Hayden's Ferry Review, Curator Magazine, Ekphrasis, Washington Square, and others venues, including the Tate Modern Museum in London. He is a winner of an Academy of American Poets Prize, a three-time nominee for the Pushcart Prize, and a recipient of a Helene Wurlitzer grant for poetry. His first book, Full Nova, was published by Orchises Press, and his second, in progress collection, Light, Earth and Blue, features poems written in response to the abstract expressionist paintings of Mark Rothko. Previously a professor at UC Irvine and at the University of Southern California, he teaches creative writing, psychology, and art-related courses at Antioch University Los Angeles. Caley lives and works at The Brewery Arts Complex in downtown L.A. and can be reached via caleyodwyer.com.


Above all, Floyd love’s art. He immerses himself in its energy, meaning and importance. Floyd is influenced by modern culture, historical and contemporary painters, and pop culture; particularly graphic novels. Floyd’s current work, blends segments of historical high cultural paintings, with contemporary pop cultural figures. Interested in creating imagery that allows viewers unconsciously consume historical artwork, Floyd's works attempts to provide the bridge between artistic periods.


Henry J. Ruiz III is a 27 year old, self taught artist from Mason city, Iowa. His art has a wide range of mediums and topics that can be playful and bright to bold and classical. He moved to Los Angeles, California on July of 2015. The city has been a great place to explore and expand his subject and technique. The two works showcased in this show are a great pair that compliment each other both in elegance and strength.


Jennifer Magallon grew up in a small German town spending most of her childhood playing outside in the country. To this day, it is a very happy and contenting memory having this kind of freedom and space. It served as the wellspring of her creativity.

Though she always had an interest in photography, she never had an opportunity to take a class until much later in life. Until that first class, she would simply take her point-and-shoot camera everywhere she traveled, taking photos to collect memories. Her adventurous spirit lead her to start traveling at a young age and she seemed to have an inner longing to see the world beyond the grassy fields of her hometown. She is a traveler by heart and that is why she is drawn to the surreal—it lets her explore places she can’t physically go. 

Her photography is driven by dreams, experiences, people and objects she encounters, cinema, and literature. Bringing the ‘otherworldly’ to the viewer is a fascinating endeavor and she enjoys using the camera as a medium to bring these raw ideas to life. Her camera and her computer enable her to ‘enliven’ an array of ideas and it is this transformation from idea to ‘realness’ that creates a strong connection between the images and herself.

Her art is intuitive. She does not always know why she is drawn to something in particular. She just follows her instincts without many expectations and tries to be open—open to falling in love with that moment and that experience. She wants people to see what she feels—whether that depiction is a captured moment in time as in her landscape photography or a dream given life in her composites. Emotion plays a large part in why and what she photographs. The subjects in her work share a bond with her. Without that connection, she does not feel as though she is providing a truthful depiction.


Self-proclaimed disruptor - Artist, Sculptor, Activist, Visual-spatial manipulator - abstracting the extraordinary from life and movement. As a visual artist he continually explore, through multiple mediums, processes and method to capture the essence, passion, and movement of my subject matter. Movement is the essence of life, even in the greatest moments of stillness – there is movement. He believes that the only way to truly capture a moment is to capture its movement, to him, everything else is just a snapshot. Working heavily in a constructive / deconstructive manner he built up multiple layers into each piece, then tear them down to abstract the unique imagery he feel captures that movement and essence of his subject. He creates visual work on canvas, paper and panel using mixed media, acrylic, oil, encaustic, glass, metal, print, and found objects. He has been exhibiting both domestically and internationally since 2012.  He believes that his ability to create art is a gift, and gifts need to be shared - so he often creates and donates his work to help raise money for various charities and causes that touches his soul.




Being a self-taught visual artist from Long Beach, California, Kristina's paintings have appeared in various galleries and private collections; one piece in particular for Matt Altman from the hit show Million Dollar Listing.  She spends her days rendering many subjects including landscapes and cityscapes, but has a special affinity for portraiture. Her current work focuses on feminine portraiture, consisting of casual acquaintances naturally posed to suit their individual auras. Her process begins by wielding oil and acrylic paints, which evolves into: taking a step back, staring, shaping, re-evaluating, starting over, procrastinating, resuming, and eventually finishing. By balancing the dichotomy between abstract and realism, each model ultimately achieves an authentic yet caricatured portrayal.


At a very young age, Noelle took an interest in art focusing on painting and
drawing. She was influenced by her grandfather, also a painter, and encouraged by her family. Noelle works primarily with acrylic on canvas, with a focus on intricate designs and detailed patterns featuring bright colors. Her work takes a lot of inspiration from subjects such as mosaics, mandalas, tiles, stained glass, mandala sand painting, and Mexican yarn painting. Noelle likes to combine geometric and organic elements to create a style that can be described as both psychedelic and kaleidoscopic. Noelle graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Arts for Children from SUNY Brockport.


Paz Fernandez is an artist and graphic designer based in Los Angeles, CA who runs the studio, Pazarts. Ever since her childhood, Paz has always been surrounded by art. Her fond memories and appreciation for art manifested with museum outings with her beloved father who is an avid art collector. Over time her affinity towards the avant-garde was developed and is expressed through vivid colors where she utilizes self-portraiture to create bold and sensual images that flirt with the ever-changing themes of love, vulnerability and identity. 

She has exhibited in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Washington, D.C. and in 2015 was the Official Jury Selection for ACT/ART’s “I AM THE MANY” poster competition. For two weeks, her poster titled ‘Peace Offering’ was displayed in the East Room of the White House. She also received a letter of recognition from the Vice President, Joe Biden for her creative contribution to the cause of criminal justice reform. 


Artist Preston M. Smith (PMS) found himself cross-eyed and with no depth perception as a child. This was the "lens" through which he developed his unique visual perspective of the world, which he now shares as a painter. Graduating from Gonzaga University with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art/Theater Arts, Preston then moved to Los Angeles where he has since worked for over a decade as a fine artist.  Preston’s work can best be categorized as having a mixture of both abstract and figurative styles, many times within the same piece. His colors are bold and his figures tend to be moody, with eyes being a major focal point. Preston’s work has been showcased alongside David Lynch and at the Inaugural Purple Ball for President Obama’s Inauguration in 2009, where he was commissioned to paint 12 portraits of the President. His work was recently part of "Laluzapalooza" and "The Coaster Show" at the world famous La Luz De Jesus Gallery and he will be completing and auctioning off a live painting for a celebrity fundraiser for the Bring Hollywood Home Foundation later this month. His work is in private collections around the world as well in the homes of celebrities such as Ed Harris, Ashley Judd, Josh Lucas, and so forth. 


Rikki loves to make up stories & alternate histories, and play them out on canvas. 

Painting is an absolute and direct connection to the past, a chance for ‘time-travel’ and to relate immediately to the whole of artistic tradition. Working with representational images and portraiture is joyful and inspiring; where the piece is a portrait, she especially enjoys pictures that confront and engage the viewer directly. 

As a child she was exposed to the art of silent & early sound cinema, the musicals of Busby Berkeley, the First Word War comics of Bruce Bairnsfather, and other strange and disparate elements which found their way into her visual sense. She finds inspiration in many genres and forms of art, including Medieval and Renaissance art, comics, Golden Age illustration, abstract expressionism, and completely conceptual works. Her strongest influences are the German and British painters of the early to mid twentieth centuries.  

She is a member of the Los Angeles Art Association, and has studied at the Art Center College of Design, Otis, and LAAFA. She has participated in various juried shows including The Los Angeles Fine Art Show, Art in the Art House, CA 101, Feminist Perspectives, and Portrait of the Arts District. She lives & works in the Brewery Arts Complex, Los Angeles, where she also exhibits in the biannual Brewery Artwalk.


I consider myself to be a student of the human condition.  I am a barometer that measures the relative pressure of society.  As a result, I am an artist.

My work is most influenced by the struggle of Van Gogh, the business acumen of Picasso and the subject matter of the German expressionists.

I am a self-taught drawer and painter and an educated sculptor with a BFA from SUNY Oneonta.  For me, art is not an end product pursuit it is a spiritual process that allows me to meditate through daily practice.

My purpose is to be an observer of life, to better understand myself and my place in the world, to touch others and allow myself to be touched by them and to create deep spiritual connections to myself and those around me.

I explore these themes through mask like portraiture, stylized landscapes, woodblock and monoprints.

The face is a mask, a covering to protect the soul.  The mask is a disguise to hide what one is by appearing to be something else.  Inherently, we are all the same inside and out whether human or animal, we are all spiritual beings.  My work explores a desire to communicate effectively, to facilitate a conversation between the viewer and myself through the art and create a soul to soul connection.


Born in Hawaii to a Japanese mother and a US Marine pilot father, her early years were spent living in various US States, Japan and Korea. Having moved often in her youth and spending so much time "in between"...in between states, countries, houses, schools and cultures... she has created a rich and unique inner world cultivated by all the differences she has seen. A world suspended between here and there. A world which is the foundation for all of her work. Through her work she hopes to make visible the invisible worlds that move, motivate and guide us as soulful beings. To make the viewer pause, even for the briefest of moments, to reflect on or connect with their deeper selves and make visible to them something that has only ever been a feeling or a dream. She is ever chasing beauty and hoping to share it with the world.


Terry Tripp is a visual artist who works in painting, illustration, photography, and animation. His most current artwork is in expressionist paintings where he works with oil and mixed media on canvas. Tripp creates vibrantly colorful images of cartoon and disproportionate characters and scenes pulling from a 1980’s pop-culture palette from his childhood, and he works the canvas with rough brush strokes as he freely transfers thoughts and images onto the canvas like a pencil in a personal sketchbook. Words, phrases, and sometimes even short poems are written, crossed out, and replaced in the paintings to create fractured narratives. Although Tripp’s images may appear fun and playful, upon closer examination, they can reflect an uncanny underlining nature.

Tripp currently resides in Southern California where he creates art freely and teaches high school art. Tripp is also a creative writer. He graduated from California State University, Bakersfield with a BA in English and a BA in Psychology and earned an MA in Education from Point Loma Nazarene University and an MFA in Visual Art from Azusa Pacific University.


"I believe that creating art is the best way for me to understand my existence - who I am and what I'm doing."

Yori was born in Chiba Ichikawa City, Japan. She holds a B.A. in Oil Painting from the prestigious Musashino Art University, Tokyo. She went on to study at The Art Students League of New York upon winning a Scholarship Program with concentration in Egg Tempera, Oil Painting and Figure Drawing. While still in NYC, she attended Kremer Pigments and the National Academy's Fresco Workshops.

Yori now lives and works between New York City and Los Angeles, and features several works in private collections.
She is a member of Los Angeles Art Association (LAAA).


FB & Instagram: Yori Hatakeyama