Nicole Stirbis




Nicole's Bio

I show up to my art practice daily, as my basic philosophy is that all things are created by a series of small steps. My work is frequently traditional realism-based, but very abstract in intention. I look for and compare lines, shapes, values and hues and attempt to translate them into whichever medium I am using at the moment. I am moved by vignettes of personal emotion, space, light, color, a sense of place and time and the interplay between my perception of all of these elements and the nuts-and-bolts craft of painting or drawing. For me, images and artwork both convey an emotional response in the moment of viewing, and are also objects and relics of a moment in time, creating a path blend between the temporal and the ineffable.

I was born in Brooklyn, NY and have studied all kinds of art over my entire life, attending Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art, then receiving my BFA in Fine Art after studying sculpture at Purchase College, painting and Art History at Pratt and traditional oil portrait painting at the School of Visual Arts. Previously working as a theater set builder, carpenter, welder, storyboard artist and art instructor, I currently live and works as a fine artist and portrait painter with my husband and our many animals in Los Angeles, CA.

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Sample artwork