Floyd Strictland


Los Angeles based Painter Floyd Strickland.

My goal in art, as primarily a figurative portrait painter, is to create captivating images, and push the boundaries of what of traditional portrait painting.

I love the process of creating art. From the initial visualization to execution and completion of a piece, it’s important to me that the process is not corroded by short cuts and gimmicks that are too common in our digital era.

My current work is greatly influenced by modern artists Kehinde Wiley and Takashi Murikami, as well as Harlem Renaissance artists Lois Mailou jones, and focuses on merging colorful patterns and playful imagery with classical portrait and figurative painting techniques. In this work I look to create images that are without constraint and boundaries that are sometime associated with portraiture.

Personally, and more specifically, this body of work represents my relationship with art, my passion to create, and how this passion died with the untimely death of my sister years ago. After her death, I was unable to create, which lead me to leave art school, after a single semester. It wasn’t until my son was born, that I was able to create again. In an extremely poetic sense, my sister’s death represented the death of my creativity and imagination, while my son’s birth represents its resurrection.