Preston Craig

Preston, who is a published artist, writer and educator originally from Louisiana, works as a freelance illustrator, digital artist, fine artist, graphic designer and voice over actor in the Los Angeles area. He earned an M.F.A. (with honors) in Illustration from the Academy of Art in San Francisco and a B.A. in Applied Arts from the University of Louisiana. He is experienced in creating book and magazine illustrations, storyboards, computer graphics/graphic design, fine art (portraits, landscapes, fantasy) and scenic art/murals.

Involved with social issues and an avid artist rights advocate, he has been recognized by the Los Angeles City Council for his volunteer work and contribution to the growth of the arts in L.A. In 2014, one of his works was selected for publication in Acrylic Artists Magazine and in 2013, one of his landscape paintings was chosen to be published in North Light Books’ - Acrylic Works: Best of Acrylic Competition. His artwork has garnered awards from Adobe Design, the International Society of Acrylic Painters, the Society of Illustrators Los Angeles, the Phi Kappa Phi Honors Society, the National Scholars Honors Society and other Local, National and International Competitions. In addition, he was hon¬ored twice with an Artistic Director Award for Set Design/Scenic Art from the Valley Theatre League for produc¬tions at the Road Theater Co.

His mural work can be seen in a project dubbed the “Hollywood Night Gallery” on Hollywood Blvd. (he just recently restored the portrait of Buster Keaton) and in a mural honoring Bob Barker at CBS Studios. Some of his scenic work can be seen at Venus Fort (a 60,000 sq.ft. shop¬ping center in Tokyo, Japan), the Paris Casino in Las Vegas and other venues around L.A. An exhibition of his “Twisted TeddysTM” series took place at the Hive Gallery in Los Angeles and he is presently working on getting 3-D printed figures of a few of his teddy characters and is seeking a licensee. He has traveled extensively; living & working at times in Norway, England, Italy and Japan.

Betsy Enzensberger

Betsy Enzensberger

“I am a professionally trained painter who gravitates towards abstraction. The creation process of abstract work accesses a unique, subconscious part of my brain that allows hidden emotions to surface. There is a concept of infinity in my art, creating vivid worlds with unlimited, endless boundaries. When analyzing my paintings, the viewer is free to interpret as they please.  However, my work is intended to awaken particular human emotions within the viewer.

My current work is a series of lovingly created resins using various mixed media. Using color, light, and texture, each piece contains a story and a certain set of emotions. I create new worlds with various mixed media such as glass, gold leaf, mirror, paper, inks, acrylic paint, aerosol, and resin. Ultimately, I strive to create beautiful, meaningful art works that evoke peace, nostalgia, and euphoria in the viewer.” 

The Sneed.png

The Sneed

My name is Sneed and I am a mixed media modern artist who just moved to Los Angeles from New York City.

How can I explain my work? Hmmm. Art Couture!

Since I was a little girl I was always into art and fashion. I would paint on my clothing so, I can stand out amongst my peers. This continued throughout high school until I was able to make my own designs. To me, art and fashion go hand and hand.

My art work is inspired by fashion culture, street art, and chic minimalism. Art is my passion and I love to challenge the traditional view while keeping an innovative mind. It’s freeing and I like to reflect that in my work. 

My work infuses the details of the runway and graffiti creating fun abstract modern art. I gravitate to haute couture designers as I am a big fan of froufrouness. I bring this creative freedom into my art work, creating stunning mix media paintings with a vivid and sharp appearance. Produced from jersey or woven fabric, canvas with the use of markers and acrylic paint, these versatile art pieces combine fashion and art. Thus, art couture is born! Although, I do love the chic appearance of minimalism. It is very clean and appealing yet speaks volumes. 

Q Zhang.png

Qin Zhang

Qin Zhang was born in China, and currently is living in Los Angeles.  She is a self-taught abstract conceptual/minimalist artist currently working in photography.  She is also a philosopher, focusing on human intelligence, and an inventor in Artificial Intelligence, automation, and other software fields. She is a patent attorney, and a mechanical engineer.  

She also likes to sing and sometimes write poems

Brain Smith

Brian Smith is a self taught artist, born and raised in the greater Los Angeles area. Bold, organic, raw, industrial are just some of the words that come to mind when thinking about his art.  Simply put, his art is a culmination of innate artistic abilities and a strong passion for all things unique and offbeat.  Possessing an unconventional sense of aesthetic whether it involves art, music, style, etc., Brian has always been drawn to abstract art.  Heavily influenced by the greats who revolutionized the world of art in the 20th century, Brian developed a huge appreciation for minimalist expression, where nothing obscures one’s relationship with the movement, color and texture. He’s driven by the moment in time, guided by the feelings evoked from individual colors allowing the painting to evolve in a pure unadulterated way.  Undermining the concept of an artist having to conform to a single cohesive style, Brian loves to experiments with different tools, techniques and colors until something unpredictable, unexpected and yet just right appears on canvas.  

Lucie Hinden

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We moved to LA when I started high school. 

In college, I majored in French literature and minored in Art History. After spending my junior year in Paris surrounded by the works I had only seen as reproductions in books, I knew that art would play an important role in my life. 

I taught French and Spanish for 35 years at the high school level. In the advanced classes, I always particularly enjoyed teaching a unit on French or Spanish art history. 

Since 2005, my husband and I have been spending a lot of time in the medieval village of Paciano in Umbria. There, we are surrounded by natural and man made beauty. I am now part of a small circle of local artists in the area. I participated in two art workshops while in Italy, one in lake Como and the other in Todi. A few years ago, I had the great pleasure of exhibiting 6 of my paintings in a group show at the Museo del Tulle in Panicale, the town next door to Paciano in Umbria. 

In LA, I studied art for over 12 years with Ilana Bloch in whose studio I met stimulating and like minded artists. I am a member of Women Painter's West, ArtShare LA, Jewish Artists Initiative and Los Angeles Art Association with whom I have exhibited in several shows, receiving awards on several occasions.

Shula Singer Arbel

Shula Singer Arbel is a Los Angeles artist working in acrylic and mixed media.  Her work is a fusion of abstract, representational and graphic images; a flattening of form mixed with painterly surfaces.  Her paintings combine the rationality of structure with the expressiveness of intuition.  Color and pattern are the dominant forces informing her work where “more is more.”  

Shula was born in Israel and moved to Los Angeles at the age of three.  She received a MFA degree from UCLA in Film Production and worked in the film industry as an editor, writer and researcher.  Shula was the first recipient of the Barbra Streisand screenwriting award.  She wrote and directed short films before leaving the business to teach and raise a family.  She is now a full-time artist and a member of Los Angeles Art Association, Women Painters West and Jewish Artist Initiative.  She has received numerous awards including the Best of Show Award for the 2010 Gold Medal Exhibition at Valley Institute of Visual Arts (VIVA).  

Terry Marks-Tarlow

I am an artist, author, illustrator, clinical psychologist, dancer, yogini, and most recently librettist for an opera, "Cracked Orlando", about to open with a ballet at Lincoln Center. As a psychotherapist, I have heard horrific tales of trauma and woe; but I have also soared with joy when privy to deep healing or transformation in my patients. As a wife and mother, I have moved from changing diapers to celebrating my first child's graduation from college. I feel privileged to be alive, despite these uncertain, if not scary, times. I am inspired by nothing less than life itself; and the more of its wild vicissitudes I embrace, the more I relax into myself and experience my creativity expanding.

Stuart Marcus

After having a successful career in Interior Designmy passion for form and color led me to a unique artistic expression. with my keen design eye I constantly formulate ideas inspired by Urban Imagery and especially Architecture.  My work has emerged from my fascination with the reflective nature of building exteriors as seen through glass facades or my camera’s eye.   Starting in 2016 my work became more Abstract as I wanted to get away from the realism of my Architectural work. As I progressed more into the Abstraction on then took Abstract painting lessons from L.A. Artist David Lloyd. The pieces I have in this show are the results of my first encounter with total abstraction.  I find delight in the rhythms of urban landscape which reminds me of its beauty.

Barbara Mastej 

Being mercurial by nature, I can’t honestly ever see myself sticking with any one medium, technique or style. 

My work varies from figurative to totally abstract. I love to paint, but also am compelled to pick up crazy stuff, even garbage, on walks and incorporate these random items into assemblages. I am drawn to old, obsolete, broken or rusted bits of machinery, shattered pottery and glass, driftwood, seed pods, bones—these things hold so much magic and conjure up images of creatures and otherworldly beings. 

I grew up in the Detroit area and received my BFA from The University of Michigan: Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design in Ann Arbor. I initially got into the ad biz and worked as an art director for the better part of my life in Detroit, Los Angeles and New York City. Conceptual thinking has always been my strong point, and I find that design and writing skills come very handy in presenting my fine art works

Marianne Klein

Marianne R. Klein aka Marika Roth was born in Budapest Hungary and lived in Paris France until she moved to Montreal Canada where she was a student at the Montreal School of Fine Arts.

Marianne had several art exhibits both in Montreal and in Los Angeles. Some of her nail works were exhibited at Expo ’67 in Montreal. She had experimented with a variety of techniques such as; nails, mirrors, impasto, water and acrylic. However, currently she works primarily in acrylic on canvas. Her subjects vary from abstract; landscapes; flowers and figurative. Her strong sense of color is evident in all her artworks both modern and abstract.

While living in Montreal, Marianne also studied creative writing and psychology at Sir George William University and further extended her writing interest at UCLA when she moved to California. Although her studies were primarily focused on screen writing - under the teachings of Sy Gomberg (a member of the Writer’s Guild) following her husband’s death she undertook the task of writing her memoir “All the Pretty Shoes” that was recently published and made her the finalist by the Book of the Year Award. She has been a member of several independent writers groups in Los Angeles, and was also a member of Women in Film. She recently completed her six weeks course at the Writer’s Boot Camp.

Additional achievements of Marianne’s long career history include having been a fashion model, a ballroom dance teacher, a legal secretary and a mother. She has been a Santa Monica resident for over 30 years and works as a volunteer at the UCLA hospital. 

Paul Farmer

Paul Farmer is a recent transplant to Los Angeles from the mountains of western North Carolina where he has been in numerous solo and group shows. He received a B.A. in Art & Design from North Carolina State University and an M.F.A. from Western Carolina University. Additionally, Paul has had artist residencies at Vermont Studio Center, I-Park and The Bascom Center.

As an interdisciplinary artist, Paul’s studio practice includes painting, painting/sculpture hybrids, light and space work, video, and community engagement. Paul’s painting abstractions vary from slick, linoleum-like surfaces to three-dimensional pieces, composed by layering many multiples of thick paint strips. Using paint as a sculptural medium, sometimes the surfaces are combined with other sculptural elements, breaking free from traditional boundaries. The work is process-oriented and created intuitively. Common themes found throughout his body of work include conflict, the seeking of a Higher Power, and the revealing as concealing nature of the conflict between man and nature.

Melinda R. Smith

Melinda R. Smith came late to painting through the medium of poetry. It was while designing the cover for her collection of poems Tiny Island that she became entranced with visual imagery. Soon, she was working exclusively in a visual medium. In her work, Melinda explores the liminal regions between reality and fantasy, using tropes strongly reminiscent of childhood play. With her background in poetry and theater, she conceives of her pictures as staged theatrical scenes that tell archetypal stories whose roots reach for the dark core of memory and truth. Melinda was born and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and has lived in Los Angeles, California, for over 20 years.

Carl Shubs

I am a self-taught photographer. I began working with film in during college, but switching to digital after my dream trip on safari in Africa in 2001 freed me up to be more adventurous in following inspirations, without having to worry about costs of film and processing.

My first exhibit was in 20ll, as part of a group show at the Museum of Neon and Kinetic Art, in Los Angeles.  That recognition encouraged me to deepen my commitment to photography and to begin showing my work. In 2014 I was accepted into membership in the Los Angeles Art Association (LAAA), where I continue my membership and active participation.  I am also a member of the Los Angeles Center for Photography (LACP)

Since that time, I have been in many juried exhibitions, including over 20 in 2016 and several since the beginning of 2017.  I have won awards and honors at some and have had my work published in such prestigious publications as Lenscratch and F-Stop Magazine.  I am also proud to have curated a combination solo exhibit and group show that included 17 amazing artists who work in a variety of media.

Robert Rosenblum.png

Robert Rosenblum

I am native to Los Angeles and most known for creating Photo Montage, Abstract and Fine Art Photography. 

As soon as I was able to drive I learned the joys of travel and documenting those travels through photography. As my body of work grew, I began to see its relationship to me as a product of Los Angeles. My family’s east coast roots migrating west parallels the history of Los Angeles and California. These roots when mixed with rich Hispanic and Southwest influences and its place on the Pacific Rim as the gateway to Asia have created the melting pot that is Los Angeles. It is the same melting pot that has now shaped me and the art I make. 

Combining all of that with the more personal explorations of surrealism and psychedelia has expanded my work to include abstract expressions of the above influences using those elements to create abstractions and montages of otherworldly landscapes that are still firmly rooted in my upbringing. All of the montages I create, use only photos that I have taken. I do not collect or use images from any other source.

Robbie Kaye

Treads is my rubber soul. As a kid, I loved riding motorcycles. As an adult, I loved being on the back of motorcycles, wind on my face and the thrill of going fast.  Now I create designs with motorcycle tires. They are my paintbrushes. As I paint, I wonder where they traveled to? I imagine somewhere beautiful and a ride that was exhilarating and then I feel exhilarated too as I imprint the canvas with that adventure from the road.

Sali Swalla

“I hope to make visible the invisible worlds that move, motivate and guide us as soulful beings. My deepest wish for the work is for it to make the viewer pause, even for the briefest of moments, to reflect on or connect with their deeper selves. To make visible to them something that has only ever been a feeling or a dream.”


Born in Hawaii to a Japanese mother and a US Marine pilot father, my early years were spent living in various US States, Japan and Korea.  Having moved often in my youth and spending so much time "in between" between states, countries, houses, schools and cultures... I have created a rich and unique inner world cultivated by all the differences I have seen. A world suspended between here and there. A world which is the foundation for all of my work. Through my work I hope to make visible the invisible worlds that move, motivate and guide us as soulful beings. To make the viewer pause, even for the briefest of moments, to reflect on or connect with their deeper selves and make visible to them something that has only ever been a feeling or a dream. I am ever chasing beauty and hoping to share it with the world.

Kevin Keul

Born in 1972 in Fairfax, Virginia, Kevin Keul was raised by a housing developer in the foothills of North Carolina at an early age. As a child, he developed a deep relationship with the land formations viewing his terrain through a lens of shapes and colors. Through his father’s business endeavors, Kevin repetitively witnessed its transformation from their natural states into suburban constructs. Through the eyes of a boy, an engrained systematic approach towards reconstructing nature was nurtured in his mind.

In 1996, Kevin was honored as the best sculptor in his class from East Carolina University in Greenville, NC.  After graduating with a BFA in Sculpture, Kevin moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where he continued to work on sculptural projects and began to work as an art handler and installer. He became proficient in specialty surface treatments and unique building techniques as leading to the development of his “Constructionalism” series in 2000. Working with objects from his West Oakland neighborhood and responding to juxtapositions as well as the dilapidation of the old mixed with new glossiness of gentrification hat existed in his new Bay Area landscape, Kevin pushed his mastery of techniques with resin and material referencing the larger context of the built environment around him. Embracing various media including photography, his work evolved from purely compositional based works into narratives touching upon the human experience in a new series “Happiness”. 

During all these year, Kevin continued to reflect upon his interest in Land Scarification. Classes at the Peralta School System helped him developed new skills including Tig welding and digital printing launching into a graduate program at Mill College in 2013. In 2015, Kevin earned his MFA and presented a new body of constructed paintings at Incline Gallery in San Francisco and Bridgemaker Arts in Richmond, CA. He was also nominated that year for the Headlands Center for the Art Graduate Fellowship. Kevin currently lives and maintains his studio practice his studio practice in East Oakland.  

Emily Halpern

Emily Halpern received her formative training in art at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn where she earned her BFA. She received her MFA degree from San Diego State University where her work received the Presidential Purchase Award, the Arts and Letters Deans Purchase Prize, the Liberty Station Fellowship and other accolades.  Raised in Canada, she now lives and works in Los Angeles at the Brewery Artist Community. Emily’s paintings have been shown in Manhattan, the Hamptons, Los Angeles,  San Diego, Miami, Seattle and Vancouver.

Haleh Davoudi

Haleh Davoudi is an Iranian artist living and working in West Los Angeles. Her true pursuit of her interest and passion for painting started in 2013 while studying under master artist Freydoon Rassouli. As she continued painting, she also studied poetries of Rumi with author and translator Omid Arabian, explored the sacred Dance of Oneness with master dance artist Banafsheh Sayyad, participated and hosted expressive painting workshops, as well as expanding on her art education through university courses.

In 2016 she moved into a studio space and dedicated herself full-time to her art. Playing, exploring, experimenting, learning, and expressing have been a huge part of her creative process thus far and because of that her work has been continuously evolving as an artist. She finds herself easily inspired by many things such as nature, textures, patterns, colors, shapes, forms, people, thoughts, feelings, and more. She says; "Infinite possibilities of inspiration exist within and around me. This is such a beautiful thing and even at times blissfully overwhelming." She is always practicing being present within the process and looks forward to how the unknown unfolds itself.

Chung-Ping Cheng

Chung-Ping Cheng graduated from National Taiwan University majored in History. She spent much of her years absorbing millenia of art works and artifacts at the National Palace Museum.  In the U.S., she took art and photography coureses at Pasadena City College and earned a certificate in Photography. Cheng is among a new wave of Chinese photographers to re-introduce aspects of China's considerable aesthetic heritage within contemporary photography. Cheng's work was included most recently in " Women in Photography in LA ", Contact Photo Lab/Photo LA, and in a one-person exhibition at 1839 Contemporary Gallery in Taiwan.


Kate Carvellas

I am a self-taught artist who lives and creates in Pasadena, CA.  In 2004, I found myself in need of an artistic outlet. I began creating two-dimensional thematic montages using imagery from various magazines and clip art sources. With further exploration and a new-found confidence, I began to pursue a different direction, creating, original, three dimensional collages.  In 2007 I began exploring the creative world of mixed media and assemblage and fell in love with both of these media.   In 2008 I exhibited my work for the first time.  I mark 2008 as the beginning of my professional art career. 

My ongoing journey of creative expression has recently led me to a new and unexpected place.  When I began creating artwork seven years ago it was made entirely of borrowed images and objects.  Through the years, I slowly began leaving my own marks on the work.  Starting out with light pencil markings to more visible lines and shapes.  As my confidence grew, so did the strength of my marks and brush strokes.  While I am is still deeply enjoying creating assemblages out of found objects, I now create work made entirely from my own hand.  These painting, at first, sprang straight from my subconscious.  Lately, however, I have also been using my own photographs as the springboard for my abstract paintings.  Abstracting reality.

Skye Amber Sweet

"I find that paint and stretched canvas are made for better company.  Paint runs through my veins, across my heart and trails to my fingertips transcribing emotion from brush to canvas. I am a Random Sphere of Logical Babble."  - Skye Amber Sweet

I am not sure sometimes where my life began or where it will end.  I do know this however...When you get to the place in your life that makes you feel whole after all the slices have been taken from you,  it opens the doors where energy fills your being and the universe colors your every hearts breath.  

My art is emotional and sometimes I am not quite sure where my unintended thought process took me.  I do know that in my lightest and darkest moments something in my heart triggered the expressive flow of paint and tears, happiness and smiles that somehow came together without thought.  Only pure emotion and energy run through me where I can feel it in my fingertips and flow there from to my canvases.

I want to change the world.  I have since I was eight. I want people to see the very inner core of their being and maybe learn of open hearts, forgiveness and kindness through color and art.  I am not sure how to do so, but in my art I know that the thought is there and I hope that in looking close enough, you might feel enough of the world to stand at the doors ofthe bright colors, understand its flow and make a difference in the real world.

Menthe Wells.png

Menthe Wells

“Soft Sculpturist Extraordinaire” Hartford Courant – featured Sunday Edition full page

Menthe Wells’ art, now in midcareer, occupies a special place in modern art’s sensibilities. She works greatly influenced by synaesthetics predominately an American Art Movement, combining Abstract Expressionism with influences of natural elements. She is honored to be listed internationally, for years, as a true synaesthetic artist with Van Gogh and Hockney synesthetic movement, as an aspect of Abstract Expressionism, emerged in the period of 1970-1985 with American Artists. The insights of the process and neuro-psychophysical elements of this creative force were explained as synaesthesia both at Yale University and Syracuse University.  

Menthe Wells’ works, Abstract Expressionism, paintings size range from under 14 inches (enameled painting miniatures) to murals 32 feet long. The works include multiple series of thematic hangings that are over 7 feet high (variable to two stories) and component thematic paintings 6’w X 5’h, other large series of paintings in groupings of 18, and various triptychs exhibited in America and ininternational exhibitions.  One medium, her work in miniature painted enamels, uses translucent and opaque ground powders on metal, which are kiln fired to the porcelain heat range. The work utilizes the painted techniques of Menthe’s oil, acrylic and watercolor painting. Enameled paintings and other work include influences of fragments of oriental rugs viewed in international travels to Morocco and other loom creating areas of North Africa, and influences of nature in explorations of Asia including Thailand’s forests and the Vietnam countryside and waterways. Forests, beaches in California, color and the light found in France, color and sound related feeling in Spain and the softly melded countryside of the United Kingdom add to the rich content of the work. Paintings embrace mixed media with collage, watercolor, acrylic, oil and printmaking that interweave within her imagery which include childhood experiences on the eastern seaboard ofAmerica mixed with symbolic imagery gained in European and Asian landscapes. Expression of nature, central to California, is distinctly recognized in birds, shells, flowers and water, which combine with other influences.    

Earlier in her career, The Hartford Courant featured Menthe in a Sunday Edition in LifeStyle in a full page spread in which she was called “a Soft Sculpturist Extraordinaire.” The newer work in welded steel has derived from this earlier period of recognition as a “Soft sculpturist extraordinaire.”  Feist in the Chelsea Arts publication, El Aviso in 2011 (El Aviso in both English and Spanish), and in Cassone The International Magazine of Art published in the United Kingdom in 2013 all repeated using this commendation name originally given by The Hartford Courant.   SLOMA Museum: ExhibitionDirector Ruta Saliklis described "Synergy" as one of the museum's more avant-garde offerings 

John Ransom.png

John Ransom 

Assuming artists create with their lives as much as with their eyes and hands, often the compelling aspect of a piece of art reveals a significant moment in the life of the artist. When these experiences are depicted as abstract, whether they be triumph or tranquility, risk or desperation, visual context and the feelings they arouse are left to the interpretation of the viewer. This is why I avoid figurative subjects unless they play a requisite role in a concept. 

While enduring years of the inherent constraints in the advertising industry, the free expression of my fine arts endeavors continue to be liberating, yet still deliberate. I remain bohemian to the bone, but grounded through my intellect, organizational skills, and the hidden logic that guides all of my work. Traditionally trained and a surrealist at heart, I paint from concepts, visions and dreams. The translation of thought into images is at the core of my work. Simply put, I love to create art through the intentional manipulation of paint.