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alvaro a.s.f

Alvaro likes to paint murals for the public and to make them more accessible. The purpose of his work is to have a universal voice. He is honored to be invited to share his enthusiasm with the Santa Monica community and encouraging participation in the process of creating a mural.

Instagram: alvaroasf
Website: alvaroasf.com




Eric champagne

Eric Champagne has lived a full 30 years as a visual artist, explorer, and spiritual pioneer. Growing up riding mountain bikes in the idyllic New England countryside, his connection with nature has always been very prominent in his life.

Like many of us, he was brought up in the Christian church, but as he grew older he branched out to explore different spiritual traditions from around the world in an attempt to broaden his understanding of higher Truth.

After moving South as a teenager he entered into a painful struggle with addiction and mental illness which lasted many years, but he emerged on the other side with a new lease on life. Subsequently he spent some years backpacking across the country, studying and exhibiting art mainly in New York City and Charleston, South Carolina, where he began to take an interest in activism.

By and by his travels took him to the West Coast, where he has been living as a monk in a temple in Los Angeles for over five years and traveling to teach about Bhakti yoga at universities and festivals from Arizona to Washington.

Eric has documented all of these personal transformations with his art and recently he has resumed his former occupation as a visual artist as a means of sharing love for God and love for all living things.

After experimenting with a variety of media, Eric now works with sumi ink and watercolor, utilizing the dynamic techniques of traditional Chinese Impressionism and calligraphy.




Eva Montealegre

Eva Montealegre’s adventure in painting emerged under the tutelage of abstract painter, Robert Kingston. Eva’s gallery debut was at Long Beach Arts gallery where her mixed-media sculpture, LADYSTARSKULL PONDERS THE COSMOS, garnered acclaim and was awarded a prize. She is the recipient of a PUFFIN FOUNDATION GRANT for bringing art to Los Angeles communities. 

In March of 2013, she was invited to ART FOR ALL PEOPLE, FINE ART GALLERY in Malibu to teach art to critically ill children and their parents. Eva’s COSMIC OWL, (1) has garnered special recognition from ARTSLANT. In fact, a number of her paintings have won awards. IT’S ALRIGHT, Southern California Womens Caucus for Art, 1st Prize, HIGGS BOSON, Artavita and Artslant recognitions, CREATIVE CALL, featured with special recognition by UniteWomen.org and their coffee table book, MOON ONE in the Art Takes Times Square presentation and their coffee table book, DEEP VEIN at the Picture Foundation Museum and more!

Eva Montealegre has directed a number of Los Angeles community events including the presentation of her painting: HIGGS BOSON: Portrait of the First Woman - for a community of scientists, doctors and families, at the USC GENETIC MEDICINE ART GALLERY.  Special events include the Find Your Roots Exhibit in West Hollywood, attended by the mayor and juried by respected Los Angeles art critic, Peter Frank. Eva received a composer’s award for a song she authored related to the theme of her painting, ALLIGATOR WOMAN 




greg jankowski

A long time graphic artist/designer I've always loved the combination of the written word and images to invoke thought, feeling and inspirational action.

As an on again, off again on again practicing painter and musician now I find myself completely immersed in the painting world. I find joy and energy through color and true excitement about bestowing viewers with flowing compositions to try to unveil glimpses of their own self discovery. 

A practicing sign painter and graphic artist since the age of 10 the inclusion of type and it's flowing edges helps bridge my desire to grab the world's attention, invoke feelings of wonder with words and encouragement of what it means to truly be alive.

If it was sculpting human flesh when working with individuals in my fitness business or expressing ideas with line and color providing artistic creations on canvas the experience is the same. The imaginative potential of body, mind and soul is honored and revered. 

With the constant self question of...

"What is the experience of truly being alive?"

That to me is the only true ART to investigate and I try as best as I can to raise a bit of that question to my community and fellow man in each of my works.

*Greg Alan Jankowski a native son of Dayton, Ohio and has been a practicing artist for over 44 years. His passion for the creative arts have also included music, poetry, photography, sculpture along with his first love drawing and painting. Over the years Greg has worked for the USAF, major advertising firms including a second career as a Professional Fitness Trainer, Educator and Speaking career in Chicago, NYC, and Los Angeles.

He currently resides in Manhattan Beach, CA with his wife Ingrid Reyes-Jankowski and their two Canines Sophie and Bella.




Irina Chelyapova

Irina Chelyapova was born in Moscow, Russia. She displayed exceptional artistic talent at a very young age. At the age of 12, she entered one of the oldest art schools in Moscow, where her teachers were Michael Roginsky, first pop artist of Russian Underground, and Moisey Khazanov, prominent post-impressionist. Irina continued her art education at the Moscow State Academy of Arts and Industry S.G. Stroganov, the eldest and best art school in Russia, where she earned her Master’s Degree in Fine Art and Design. Irina was part of Moscow Nonconformist Art Movement, which included such names as Grisha Bruskin, Alexander Melamid, Vitaly Komar, Anatoly Zverev, Oscar Rabin, Oleg Tselkov, Vasily Sitnikov, among many others. In Russia, besides doing fine art, Irina was a successful graphic designer. She created hundreds of logos, posters, letterheads, labels, and ads for a large variety of businesses and enterprises. Her paintings and graphic design work were shown at the Biennale International Art Exposition in the Czech Republic, and at many other art shows in Russia.

Irina Chelyapov came to the United States in 1989. Here, she began to work with small decorative pieces made for the Pacific Design Center and several Beverly Hills boutiques. Her clients included Elizabeth Taylor, Matt Groening, Candace Bergen, Diane Warren and Priscilla Presley. Irina realized that her art had an amazing decorative quality.

For about twenty years she painted murals in private homes and public places, such as Children’s Clinics, one on 42nd Street in Downton LA, another on Brand Blvd., Glendale, also several playgrounds in Glendale, Downtown LA Clinic for underprivileged children.

Painting murals become "dream come true" for Irina. Since very early age she had visions of big frescos which she paint in her dreams. And when , almost by accident, Irina got first commission to paint nursery mural, it feels like God sended, like she was born with abilities to create beautiful new world inside people houses, changing there life for better. Irina's customers began to call her "Art Mother" for there children.

Irina discovered the existential beauty of Los Angeles while driving around the city on the way to paint her murals. Beginning 2007 Irina began to paint urban landscapes of Los Angeles. She had 3 solo show and many group shows. In 2015 she was invited to participate in Art Lab at Academia Luciano in Civitella d'Agliano in Italy and was part of group show there and in Nuremberg, Germany

Born in Moscow, Russia /f. USSR/

Moscow's Art School at Kropotkin St.

MA graphic design from Stroganovskaya School of Art and Design, Moscow.

Graphic Design Workshop Artist Union USSR



Jen LaVita

Jen LaVita grew up just outside of Boston, spending long winters and happy summers at her New England home.

Always looking for a new challenge, she joined Army ROTC while getting a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Syracuse University. Upon graduating, Jen left home to serve in the U.S. Army as an Air Defense Artillery Officer. After four years of adventure, living in Utah and Oklahoma, and even jumping out of "perfectly good airplanes", she followed her heart out west to the coast of California.

Now four years later, Jen lives in Los Angeles and has been striving as a visual artist and painter. Jen is a resident artist at the Grand View Fine Arts Studio in Mar Vista, a colleague of the United States Veterans' Artists Alliance, and has shown work and live painted at various venues throughout Los Angeles. Her work is very colorful, vibrant and often concentrated on nature. Jen draws inspiration from the beauty around her and her love for all animals and sea life.

Follow her art on Instagram @j.la_art for all upcoming shows and new work or drop her a line at jenlavitaart@gmail.com.


Beach, sun and paint love.




Willow evans

Willow Lynne Evans is the descendent of four generations of artists on both sides of her family; this gave her an art education as part of her genesis. She has been painting professionally since 1986. Her exploration of theater, film, costume design, and graphic design all contribute to the allegory that she tells with her paintings. It’s as if she drops into the canvas and allows the images to unfold, as a dramatic story reveals itself, akin to a theatrical piece. Her work arouses curiosity and pleasure. Using saturated colors, her command of the choreography of paint is immensely satisfying to the eye.

“Using paint, I strive to create an intimate narrative that depicts a feeling of a confidential scene. The beginning of a sentence… that ends where the audience of the painting perceives it to be. A snapshot in time that evokes imagination.”

Living and working in Santa Monica, CA, Willow Lynne Evans paints in eclectic expressions that best equate the image to the story she is portraying. This versatile approach has been an asset to fulfill the calling of each painting she envisions, where each image tells a distinctive story which has developed spontaneously in the creative process. In addition, this adeptness in styles gives her the skills to fulfill the parameters of many commissioned works.

During her first 1986 solo exhibition, her work was discovered by actor Patrick Duffy. He then introduced her to the set decorator of the internationally televised show “Dallas.” She was then commissioned to paint ten canvases to hang on the sets of the Dallas TV show. Others followed, and she was asked to paint for the shows of Aaron’s way and Falcon Crest, and brought back to paint for the revived Dallas TV series 2013-2014, Her career was launched. Actors Patrick Duffy and Jason Bateman became collectors of her work. Jason Bateman commissioned nine paintings for his home. Patrick Duffy has had one of her paintings hanging in his home for over 28 years.

She was awarded a “Certificate of Excellence for Outstanding Achievement in Painting” by I.A.C. an International Art Competition which was juried by representatives of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Whitney Museum, The Marcusie Pfeifer Gallery and Art in America magazine.

While studying in Europe, she was represented by Arts Tournelle Gallery in Paris and has also been represented by several Los Angeles galleries.