Michael Baroff                                

 Metascapes explore the transitional space between realism and abstraction where a dream-like inner meditative quality can emerge. Metascapes are certainly, on one level, seascapes, and yet again they are not, for the images are created without reference to any actually viewed scene, and the horizon line can be perceived to be the illusory boundary for what may be above and below the surface of awareness.


Looking inward

Beyond the horizon

A clear vision


I have painted Metascapes for 30 years.   I also make video art that captures in-the-moment movement and ambient sound in public spaces and I draw and paint emotionally expressive portraits and figurative art.


 Shula Singer Arbel

Shula Singer Arbel is a Los Angeles artist working in acrylic and mixed media.  Her work is a fusion of abstract, representational and graphic images; a flattening of form mixed with painterly surfaces.  Her paintings combine the rationality of structure with the expressiveness of intuition.  Color and pattern are the dominant forces informing her work where “more is more.” 

Shula was born in Israel and moved to Los Angeles at the age of three.  She received a MFA degree from UCLA in Film Production and worked in the film industry as an editor, writer and researcher.  Shula was the first recipient of the Barbra Streisand screenwriting award.  She wrote and directed short films before leaving the business to teach and raise a family.  She is now a full-time artist and a member of Los Angeles Art Association, Women Painters West and Jewish Artist Initiative.  She has received numerous awards including the Best of Show Award for the 2010 Gold Medal Exhibition at Valley Institute of Visual Arts (VIVA). 


Pascaline Doucin-Dahlke

Pascaline Doucin-Dahlke is a contemporary painter and digital artist who lives and works in Los Angeles.  She is licensed as an architect in France who has pursed in parallel an art education in both France and the United States.  Being in Los Angeles and a region of constant visual interaction, she has enjoyed developing in parallel two distinct forms of artistic expression which both use traditional and contemporary tools that are complementary. 

For each new series, she develops a fresh pictoral vocabulary with different techniques that conveys the singularity of a particular environment.

Her artistic research focuses on the definition of space, light, and graphic limits within a nonconventional approach through vibrant colors and textures that resonate through the photographs and paintings.  Overall, her paintings and digital artworks remain within a classic aesthetic harmony.

As her personal conviction, she considers art, for both the artist and the viewer, an uplifting and challenging experience filled with emotions


Richard Chow

 Distant Memories” series: 

 My family moved from Hong Kong to Los Angeles when I was sixteen. Those first years were difficult for an immigrant teenager due to language and culture shifts, and at times were overwhelming as I tried to find my place in this new world.  From discovery, insight and serendipity, the American culture was slowly absorbed.  More specific to So Cal, the beach archetype is ingrained in the lifestyle, and I quickly learned that it was a place that provided comfort and inspiration to me as a young man. I now frequent the beach regularly as a place for relaxation and observation.

With this series, Distant Memories, I capture the childhood that I could have experienced, those weekend forays to museums, outings to the waters edge, with family, friends and a picnic basket filled with the ingredients for a perfect day. Like finding shells on the shore, I am collecting visual memories.

And while they might not be my memories, they allow me to imagine a childhood in a place I now call home.

Huss Hardan

The photography bug bit Huss hard in his early years while living in England and dreaming of good light, first playing with a Polaroid instant camera before branching out to 35mm film.


Huss’ major influence for his color photography is the work of David Hockney, with the intense colors often becoming the subject matter of the images. 


Huss considers himself a documentarian of the personal, the abstract and occasionally the absurd.


 Andrea Kichaven

The works of Andrea Kichaven reflect her love of painting and nature.  As a work in progress, Kichaven partitions her canvases and surfboards in distinct segments, in each she presents flora and fauna, sometimes in realistic detail and others in stylized patterns, mark making, and / or geometric shapes.   Combining the unique technique of layering acrylic paint and glazes, Kichaven’s work achieves a depth and subtly unusual for this medium.  Occasionally using metallic paints over her usual palette of earth tones and vivid colors.  Kichaven’s paintings have a warmth and richness that evoke a sense of timelessness.  


Andrea Rubin Kichaven received her B.A. in Art and Advertising Design from CSUN.  She has exhibited extensively for over 15 years.  Selected honors and awards from Women Painters West and Collage Artists of


America.  Formerly associated with TAG Gallery and Los Angeles Art Association.  Her collectors are nationwide.


Charlee Corra 

 Charlee loves to bring her camera with her everywhere she goes. More often than not, that involves being in nature, which is what inspires her the most. Beautiful landscapes, cultural images, and cute critters tend to catch her eye. She loves playing with different angles and getting close-up shots when she can.


Preston Craig

 Through the use of classical painting techniques, he has manipulated the acrylics in “Morning Mists” to achieve a luminance and brilliance that reflect an early morning light as the mists slowly rise on a beach scene that contains remnants of a past bonfire. The hushed silence of the morning is reflected in the quietude of the image and is painted in an impressionistic style. In “Delta Dreams”, Mr. Craig has created an image that is evocative of a northern California fishing village, nestled in the quiet of an ocean bay. The view originates from the clumps of sea grass at the edges of the bay. Looking back at the boats in the distance tied up at the wharf, the little village and surrounding hillsides are bathed in a soft morning light and the scene is painted in an impressionistic style.

“PRESTON CRAIG of Topanga, California is definitely a master landscape artist. His attention to detail and sense of perspective works quite well in his acrylic work . . . The rich color treatment is warm and engaging ...”

Laurence Bradshaw

Curator, Professor of Art


Robert Jimenez


Robert , a native southern Californian was born into an artistic family. His fatherwas an   accomplished painter and professional landscape designer.  He grew up at an early age knowinghe was going to be creating things of beauty and started by designing landscapes for his father and later became a hairdresserwhich was another form of sculpting. In 2000 he began havingreoccurring luciddreams of waterfall sculptures and almost immediately started building table top waterfalls.  Today almost all of his inspirations start withdreams that he keeps in a dream journal by his bed.  His goalis to travel the worldandcreatereplicas of famous mountainsand castles. By incorporating his love of landscape and fantasy castles he can let his mind travelanywhere.  His sculptures invite youto step into his miniatureworld and walk the many trails.


Natalia Ferreiro

 I am a Spanish oil painter, born in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, and I currently reside in Los Angeles, California.  I started drawing at a very young age, quickly graduating to color pencil, vine charcoal, oil pastels, and water colors, and soon amassed a number of prized ribbons for my artwork.  At just 11 years of age, I became the youngest member ever to be voted into the NCC NSTDP (Nation’s Capital Chapter of the National Society of Tole and Decorative Painters).  After several years creating art in mediums that I did not find fulfilling, I rediscovered my artistic passion during a semester at the Corcoran College of Art and Design, in Washington D.C.  This experience left an indelible mark on me, and awakened in me a love for the artistic life.  Inspired, I began experimenting with other art forms, such as Opera Singing, Acting, Music, Costume, Set and Makeup Design for Stage, Set Building, Scene Painting, and Sculpture, all while attending the College of William and Mary, in Williamsburg, Virginia. 


After concentrating on other artistic endeavors for several years post-college, and at the urging of my now-husband, I returned to my first true passion, oil painting, in late 2014.

 Glenn Waggner

 Glenn Waggner was born and raised in Southern California. Growing up in the beach communities, he was immersed in the 1970s surfing and skateboarding culture. Always drawing and sketching, Glenn has worked in the architectural profession for the last 25 years.  It was not until the year 2000, that oil painting was “discovered”. This freer, looser medium was the perfect fit that allowed art to be made using vivid color and no precise lines. And “plein air” helped to capture subject matter quickly and avoided the precise detailing, like that required in architecture.  The subject matter of the paintings uses vivid color, to create a scene that captures a place and moment

in time and invokes a story formed by the viewer. Beach towns, restaurant and bar interiors and cityscapes, both real and imaginary, are rendered often with a touch of humor.  Glenn Waggner was represented by Orlando Gallery in Tarzana, California, until it’s closing a few years ago. His work has won awards in juried shows in Southern California, and was featured in Art scene magazine. Waggner’s art is in collections of Hollywood celebrities, fellow artists and many others.


Kristine Augustyn

Kristine Augustyn is a self-taught, emerging artist who lives and works in Los Angeles.  She works primarily in acrylics and uses color and light in a post-impressionistic style. The study of light, reflection, transparency and color is her main focus both in her art and in life.   Her hope with her art is to bring joy and to always evoke the thoughtfulness of possibilities. 

 Lucie Hinden

 Lucie was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and moved to LA when she started high school.  In college, Lucie majored in French literature and minored in Art History. After spending her junior year in Paris surrounded by the works she had only seen as reproductions in books, she knew that art would play an important role in her life.

Lucie taught French and Spanish for 35 years at the high school level. In the advance classes, she always particularly enjoyed teaching a unit on French or Spanish art history.  Since 2005, Lucie and her husband have been spending a lot of time in the medieval village of Paciano in Umbria. There, they were surrounded by natural and man made beauty. She is now part of a small circle of local artists in the area. Lucie participated in two art workshops while in Italy, one in lake Como and the other in Todi. A few years ago, she had the great pleasure of exhibiting six of her paintings in a group show at the Museo del Tulle in Panicale, the town next door to Paciano in Umbria.

In LA, Lucie studied art for more than 12 years with llana Bloch in whose studio she met stimulating and like minded artists. She is a member of Women Painter’s West, ArtShare LA, Jewish Artists Initiative and Los Angeles Art Association with whom she has exhibited in several shows, receiving awards on several occasions.

Sara Shawger

I've always been in awe of huge spaces, broad expanses of sky and sea, open air or clouds. Many people feel vulnerable in those spaces, too big and too empty, but I see so much activity and energy happening and I try to mimic that in brushstroke and line work. I create soft spaces and open air with action and paint, those marks are brain waves and particles and everything that's happening with everyone and everything at one time. They come together to form that recognizable scene and the white noise of life, but there is never silence or emptiness. The ocean is a perfect example of this as it looks like a solid body but it's full of life and activity underneath. The horizon line is unending, waves are unending, but they push back at us with great power which is why we always go back to the beaches and look over the piers, to listen and feel and understand that we are a part of it all. 

Lorraine Bubar

Lorraine Bubar is a native of Los Angeles and received her B.A. from UCLA.  She studied animation at Yale University and her short independent films won numerous awards at animation festivals around the world.  Bubar worked for many years in the animation industry, animating television commercials, special effects for feature films, and feature film titles.  During that time, she exhibited her watercolor paintings in numerous art exhibitions.  These narrative paintings always included her animation sensibilities:  the passage of time, movement, and metamorphosis.  She was the featured artist for a calendar published by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.  For several years she taught animation at Santa Monica Community College.  Her love for drawing and painting lead her to get a Masters in Art Education and a Teaching Credential at CSULA and then teach studio arts to middle and high school students.  She is currently represented by Chemers Gallery in Tustin and a member of the Los Angeles Art Association.  Her love of hiking and beautiful places has lead her to Artist-in-Residencies at Denali National Park and Zion National Park.  While traveling the world she realized that in numerous cultures artisans create varied forms of papercuts.  Lorraine Bubar's painterly papercuts, created from layers of colored papers, reflect the heritage of papercutting that inspires her current work and captures the diverse ecosystems where she has traveled.

Taly Bar

"Art is my life and my life is art."

Ono Art has led Taly's heart on a journey from a young age. When she was four years old, her father became mentally ill and she turned to art, music, drawing, dancing and theater as an outlet to express herself. Her creativity brought a sense of security and love into her life. Even though her journey began at a young age, it was in 2005 where Taly began experimenting with painting as a part of the road to spiritual growth. Art has continued to form who she is, allowing her to evolve and navigate through life. From oil on canvas to acrylic to mixed media, her art has been transformed in so many ways.

Taly has been able to channel her energy through colors and paint, finding a deeper meaning beneath the surface. The paint colors possess a special significance for Taly. From her spirit to her hands through a brush and onto canvas her creativity and self expression come alive. She sees art as a way of connecting. In her paintings there lives a desire to spark the creative being and expression within the viewer.

She cherishes the moments when someone sees her paintings and brings them to life in their own imagination. She wants her paintings to take you on your own journey and inspire you to embrace creative energy. That way, we all stay connected through art.

Preston Smith

Artist Preston M. Smith (PMS) found himself cross-eyed and with no depth perception as a child. This was the "lens" through which he developed his unique visual perspective of the world, which he now shares as a painter. Graduating from Gonzaga University with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art/Theater Arts, Preston then moved to Los Angeles where he has since worked for over a decade as a fine artist.  Preston’s work can best be categorized as having a mixture of both abstract and figurative styles, many times within the same piece. His colors are bold and his figures tend to be moody, with eyes being a major focal point. Preston’s work has been showcased alongside David Lynch and at the Inaugural Purple Ball for President Obama’s Inauguration in 2009, where he was commissioned to paint 12 portraits of the President. His work was recently part of "Laluzapalooza" and "The Coaster Show" at the world famous La Luz De Jesus Gallery and he will be completing and auctioning off a live painting for a celebrity fundraiser for the Bring Hollywood Home Foundation later this month. His work is in private collections around the world as well in the homes of celebrities such as Ed Harris, Ashley Judd, Josh Lucas, and so forth. 

Marc Yellin

Marc Yellin is a self taught abstract artist living and working in Los Angeles, CA.  Marc works with acrylic paint to create a large variety of abstract art work.  His inspiration comes from his world wide travels through work as a international tv news cameraman as well as his travels personally throughout the world.  He loves that each work of art he creates talks to everyone differently.  He says “His paintings are not of individual things but instead are a collection of images, ideas, colors, and shapes for the viewer to decipher and make their own”.  

Kuniko S. Runch

My most recent series have been an exploration of

particular places and people that have been paid little

attention in busy city life. I take the camera to these places

for documentation and recording purposes. Often times,

dingy and atypical locations attract me more than a mall

scene where I feel a void of communication, energy, and

honesty .  

Once the cityscape is complete the particular location

becomes very personal for me…. as if I lived there. At times

I go back and the very same stores have been razed to

make room for gentrification. However the people and the

structures will be forever in my heart, my memory, and

on my canvas.

We are indeed fortunate to be alive in this 21st Century to witness evolutionary theory in action.

Whether it’s printing and publishing being changed by high

tech or transportation impacted by modernity , we are

reminded that this is a multilayered process and though

the specter of a bullet train is majestic , originally it wasa rickshaw puller that got humanity from here to there.

Elmira Lihc

Elmira Lilic's artwork is akin to a spiritual practice. A form of surrender to a greater force. Through which she becomes fit for service to humanity. It's a beautiful expression of her way through this uncertain world.

Eric Michael

Eric Michael was born and raised in the humble streets of Caricuao, a district of Caracas, Venezuela. In 1995 he migrated with his beloved mother and younger brother to the home of the brave and the land of the free in hopes to attain the coveted American Dream. As a first generation immigrant he adapted to a new way of life in the South Bay Area south of Los Angeles, Ca. In 2008 he was blessed with the privilege of becoming a father to a gorgeous little girl. He attended Otis School of Art and Design is now on a mission to fulfill his artistic vision. He lives to create; creates to live.