Glenn Waggner




Glenn's Bio

Born in Los Angeles, CA

Lives & works in Los Angeles, CA

Glenn Waggner was born and raised in Southern California. Growing up in the beach communities, he was immersed in the 1970s surfing and skateboarding culture. Always drawing and sketching, Glenn has worked in the architectural profession for many years.

It was not until the year 2000, that oil painting was “discovered”. This freer, looser medium was the perfect fit that allowed art to be made using vivid color and no precise lines. And “plein air” helped to capture subject matter quickly and avoided the precise detailing, like that required in architecture.

The subject matter of the paintings uses vivid color, to create a scene that captures a place and moment in time and invokes a story formed by the viewer. Beach towns, restaurant and bar interiors and cityscapes, both real and imaginary, are rendered often with a touch of humor.

Glenn Waggner was represented by Orlando Gallery in Tarzana, California, until it’s closing a few years ago. His work has won awards in juried shows in Southern California, and was featured in Artscene magazine. Waggner’s art is in collections of Hollywood celebrities, fellow artists and many others

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