Julia Alexander-Bates

Julia Alexander’s work aims to bridge the gap between the personal and formal elements specific to ideas of: flatness, color saturation, and repetitive patterning. 

She is drawn to interior design, and the placement and combination of patterns, colors, and textures to create a visual story. Her paintings are formed in a similar way.  She includes figures who are intended to blend or “pop” from their surroundings. The figures are integral to the work, but not more or less significant than the objects, color, and shapes surrounding them. She considers herself a figurative painter, as the human form is always present.  

In addition, she is interested in depicting interior spaces that are equal to the significance of the figure. Her intention is to create a hyper-saturated visual environment that a figure inhabits, or vice-versa. The spaces are domestic, but intended to be pushed to a heightened or alternative version of the domestic.


Taly Bar

"Art is my life and my life is art." 

Ono Art has led Taly's heart on a journey from a young age. When she was four years old, her father became mentally ill and she turned to art, music, drawing, dancing and theater as an outlet to express herself. Her creativity brought a sense of security and love into her life. Even though her journey began at a young age, it was in 2005 where Taly began experimenting with painting as a part of the road to spiritual growth. Art has continued to form who she is, allowing her to evolve and navigate through life. From oil on canvas to acrylic to mixed media, her art has been transformed in so many ways.

Taly has been able to channel her energy through colors and paint, finding a deeper meaning beneath the surface. The paint colors possess a special significance for Taly. From her spirit to her hands through a brush and onto canvas her creativity and self expression come alive. She sees art as a way of connecting. In her paintings there lives a desire to spark the creative being and expression within the viewer. She cherishes the moments when someone sees her paintings and brings them to life in their own imagination. She wants her paintings to take you on your own journey and inspire you to embrace creative energy. That way, we all stay connected through art.

Belinda Davis

Belinda’s work is a love of impressionism and abstract. Bold color and strokes, using mostly oils, as seen here in her “love” series. 

"What drives my work is love of life and spirit.” “Letting the paint take over the moment.”

The rich color palate and texture can be seen in all her work. She works on canvas, wood, oil and acrylics with many mediums to add texture and gloss.

Belinda is happy to get back to painting in her later years and is looking forward to new exploration.

Brittany Davis

Davis grew up in Huntington Beach California being around nature, the beach and animals were always an inspiration in creating little sculptural pieces.  She gathered leaves, sticks, stones and created artwork she would give to her family. 

Never taking art classes till college she fell in love with the fine art sculpture program at The Academy of Art University in San Francisco.  She spent four years there exploring many different kinds of mediums and techniques such as woodworking, welding, drawing, jewelry making, bronze casting, ceramics, color and design, paper making and more. 

Business ideas always flowed through her head and kept her drawn to taking business classes in school.  After art school she came back to the LA area and started getting immersed in the art scene.  Davis then started her own Pop UP Show called, “Beyond The Lines Art Show” and grew that for two years hosting different events around LA.  Now she owns and operates “Beyond The Lines Gallery” in Santa Monica at Bergamot Station. 

Her creating has slowed with the gallery taking much of her time but she still creates pieces to exhibit and hopes the viewer stops and enjoys the textures, colors and words in her work.

Haleh Davoudi

Haleh Davoudi is an Iranian artist living and working in West Los Angeles. Her true pursuit of her interest and passion for painting started in 2013 while studying under master artist Freydoon Rassouli. As she continued painting, she also studied poetries of Rumi with author and translator Omid Arabian, explored the sacred Dance of Oneness with master dance artist Banafsheh Sayyad, participated and hosted expressive painting workshops, as well as expanding on her art education through university courses.

In 2016 she moved into a studio space and dedicated herself full-time to her art. Playing, exploring, experimenting, learning, and expressing have been a huge part of her creative process thus far and because of that her work has been continuously evolving as an artist. She finds herself easily inspired by many things such as nature, textures, patterns, colors, shapes, forms, people, thoughts, feelings, and more. She says; "Infinite possibilities of inspiration exist within and around me. This is such a beautiful thing and even at times blissfully overwhelming." She is always practicing being present within the process and looks forward to how the unknown unfolds itself.

Alex Diffin

Alex Diffin is a Long Beach artist.  She focuses on pop contemporary abstract portraiture; running with the themes of bright chaotic color accented with a detailed emotive portrait.

Alex draws her inspiration from the wild abstractness of life, and how stunning it can be despite its unpredictability.

Life is messy, life is beautiful.

Pascaline Doucin-Dahlke

Pascaline Doucin-Dahlke is contemporary painter and digital artist who lives and works in Los Angeles. She is licensed as an architect in France who has pursued in parallel an art education in both France and the United States.

Being in Los Angeles and a region of constant visual interaction, she has enjoyed developing in parallel two distinct forms of artistic expression which both use traditional and contemporary tools that are complementary.

 For each new series, she develops a fresh pictorial vocabulary with different techniques conveying the singularity of a particular environment, sociopolitical event or philosophical thoughts. Her artistic research focuses on the definition of space, light, and graphic limits within a non-conventional approach through vibrant colors and textures that resonate through her artwork. Overall, her paintings and digital artworks remain within a classic aesthetic harmony.

As her personal conviction, she considers art, for both the artist and the viewer, “an uplifting and challenging experience filled with emotion.”

Amanda Douglas

Amanda is a self-taught artist/photographer living in Southern California. Her education is in Electronic Engineering.  She spent a brief time traveling to China, where she fell in love with the Asian culture and Old World traditions.

Amanda believes that that experience has influenced her ability to embrace different cultures and lifestyles. She loves shooting Macro Photography because it forces her to stop and see things she would have normally passed by. By painting in Black and White, Amanda strives to show the stripped down raw, emotional, and vulnerable moments that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Her art has been seen hanging in several businesses all over Northern and Southern California. Her paintings and photography have been in galleries and art shows in San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County. She can be found at the San Clemente Village Art Faire every month.

Alissa Gabrielle

Alisa Gabrielle is an award- winning, multi-talented artist whose sculptures and paintings adorn collections across the globe.  

Alisa studied with masters in California and in Italy and now teaches in her Sedona and Woodland Hills studios. Her sculpture and paintings have been featured on ABC news, NBC’s Emmy winning “Starting Over,” in numerous journals including Sunset magazine, and on the International art tour “World’s Greatest Erotic Art of Today.”

Ms. Gabrielle’s bold forms in marble, alabaster and cast limited editions reflect playful, psychological and sexual themes - what it means to be woman- vulnerable, powerful, nurturer and life-giver. Ms. Gabrielle creates soft, undulating curves out of the hard stone, imbuing her sculptures with a deep sensuality. ”I love the dance of working the marble. It is always full of surprises, always an act of faith and of pure love.”

 "My work is about honoring woman (in all shapes, sizes and colors) and celebrating her in various aspects of relationship with herself and others- alone, coupled, searching or dreaming, as Mother Earth, Goddess or lover.”


Gabrielle Gottlieb

Gabrielle Gottlieb is a published Artist and photographer. Her unique and whimsical style, captures the viewers eye immediately. For Gabrielle, everything begins with color.  It sets the tone, the mood, even the emotion of a piece of her art.

“Growing up in Multicultural Southern California I love the colors around me.   My inspiration comes from the exuberance of my multifacetedenvironment.  In addition to abstracts I paint historical heritage properties to preserve them.  These paintings are not meant to be perfect architectural renderings.  I use my own judgement to tweek them.”

Gabrielle’s appreciation of color began early.  Her mom Laurie, a photojournalist for L.A. Times Magazine would bring six year old Gabrielle around town on assignments. Laurie Gottlieb taught her young daughter an appreciation for composition, the effectsof light and of course, the drama of color.  Gabrielle evolved these formative lessons into the mature and expansive artist she is today.  

Her paintings range from impressionistic to the abstract as befitting her subject matter and she specializes in paintings of homes, gardens and landscapes. Gabrielle’s reputation has steadily grown in Los Angeles, a town, where collectors are not easy to please.  Yet the stars are her fans.  She has been commissioned by Maria Shriver, Bryan Cranston, Nancy Reagan and Ronald Reagan Center Gallery.  Additionally, Diane Keaton, Hillary Swank, Susan Lucci, Candy Spelling, Connie Stevens, Julia Roberts, Cissy Spacik, Helen Hunt, and Heidi Montag Pratt own Gottlieb’s work.

Gabrielle’s work has been seen in national publications such as: The Los Angeles Times, House & Garden Magazine, Cottages and Cabins and The Malibu Times. Her work has been exhibited in various galleries including, Schomburg Gallery at Bergomot Station in Santa Monica, Ca.

“Gabrielle’s work is in a league of it’s own. I own a piece of her work and I treasure it.”

 - Former Architectural Digest Editor, Margaret Dunne.

Huss Hardan

"Love is the Key" was shot in Venice in 2016 on 35mm film.  I always make sure to take a camera wherever I go, and I was walking my dog Pepe when I came across this matte green car. It had a box of chalk attached to it and the open invitation to draw on the car. 

Someone had already created this art on the right door, and I felt it was an apt message and so captured it on film before the weather removed it.  I waited for the sun to dip sufficiently so that the lighting was even and muted.

"Mother Earth" is from part two of my trilogy "Anguish and Obsession".  This was shot in 2016 on film, and the image holds many meanings, from the union of each other, the fragility of earth, an element of the natural and the unnatural.

Andrea Rubin Kichaven

The works of Andrea Kichaven reflect her love of painting and nature.  As a work in progress, Kichaven partitions her canvases and surfboards in distinct segments, in each she presents flora and fauna, sometimes in realistic detail and others in stylized patterns, mark making, and / or geometric shapes.  

Combining the unique technique of layering acrylic paint and glazes, Kichaven’s work achieves a depth and subtly unusual for this medium.  Occasionally using metallic paints over her usual palette of earth tones and vivid colors.  Kichaven’s paintings have a warmth and richness that evoke a sense of timelessness.  

Andrea Rubin Kichaven received her B.A. in Art and Advertising Design from CSUN.  She has exhibited extensively for over 15 years.  Selected honors and awards from Women Painters West and Collage Artists of America.  Formerly associated with TAG Gallery and Los Angeles Art Association.  Her collectors are nationwide.

Marianne R. Klein

Marianne R. Klein aka Marika Roth was born in Budapest Hungary and lived in Paris France until she moved to Montreal Canada where she was a student at the Montreal School of Fine Arts.

Marianne had several art exhibits both in Montreal and in Los Angeles. Some of her nail works were exhibited at Expo ’67 in Montreal. She had experimented with a variety of techniques such as; nails, mirrors, impasto, water and acrylic. However, currently she works primarily in acrylic on canvas. Her subjects vary from abstract; landscapes; flowers and figurative. Her strong sense of color is evident in all her artworks both modern and abstract. 

While living in Montreal, Marianne also studied creative writing and psychology at Sir George William University and further extended her writing interest at UCLA when she moved to California. Although her studies were primarily focused on screen writing - under the teachings of Sy Gomberg (a member of the Writer’s Guild) following her husband’s death she undertook the task of writing her memoir “All the Pretty Shoes” that was recently published and made her the finalist by the Book of the Year Award.

She has been a member of several independent writers groups in Los Angeles, and was also a member of Women in Film. She recently completed her six weeks course at the Writer’s Boot Camp.

Additional achievements of Marianne’s long career history include having been a fashion model, a ballroom dance teacher, a legal secretary and a mother. She has been a Santa Monica resident for over 30 years and works as a volunteer at the UCLA hospital. 

Ron Klotchman

Each one of Ron Klotchman's paintings offers a glimpse into his creative catharsis. The colors are bold and vibrant; the brush strokes are unrestrained and uninhibited. His images are filled with something magical and vital that exists within all of us.

The audacious and improvisational energy behind Ron's efforts is rooted in a life-long interest in performance art. He is a self-taught artist by any definition, having picked up a paintbrush, a guitar and taken to the stage armed only with innate talent and creative instinct. A California native, Ron spent his formative years set against the desert landscape of Palm Springs.

There, he gravitated toward the stage, and encouraged by his natural ability for acting, he was accepted into the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles. He enjoyed performing in local theatrical productions, tackling meaty roles in both plays and musicals. His acting skills are complemented by a life-long love for music... while honing his craft as an actor, he also taught himself to play the guitar, and continues to compose and sing many original songs. 

As with many an artistic soul, practicality soon won out over lofty visions of fame and fortune, and Ron joined corporate America. For fifteen years, his artistic yearnings were subjugated by a "traditional" career. In spite of his financial successes, each passing day began to weigh upon him. His desk, phone and computer came to signify his own personal prison. In 2006, everything changed: Ron picked up a paintbrush for the first time in his life. Within a year's time, he'd already begun selling his work. After two more years had passed, his successes gave him the impetus to commit to being a full-time, professional artist. 

Today, Ron approaches a blank canvas in the same way that he approaches each new day: without preconceptions, without ritual. He, like his art, is always on the move, searching for new inspiration. He is unbound and free from the methodical, regimented world which he knew for too long. The result is an ever-growing body of work that captures the vibrant essence of a life lived with passion and energy.

Martinez Alex.jpg

Arturo Martinez

Martinez is from Veracruz Mexico. 

In his painting he exposes the big question of the root and the fate of the Mexican Indian people. 

He come’s from a mixed culture and reflects this in his work.  Music, shapes and movement are embraced in each of Martinez’s paintings. 

Alexandra Pastorino

Born and raised in Paris, France, Alexandra studied drawing and painting at the Beaux-Arts School of Paris and architecture at the Ecole Superieure des Arts et des Techniques (ESAT) where she earned a master's degree in Interior and Set Design. For several years, while working as an assistant set designer for French television and film productions, she pursued her personal painting projects and her passion led her in a new direction; decorative painting where she found an innovative way to express and sustain herself.

In 1998, after being profiled in the "Los Angeles Times" for her innovative work in Paris, she moved to Los Angeles where she currently divides her time between her personal work and commissions from designers and architects for murals and trompe-l'oeil.

In addition to her decorative work, Alexandra has expanded her artistic expression. Namely, it is in her personal paintings that she combines the long-established art of frescoes with her deep passion for nature, from the mystery of the human body to the beauty of exotic plants.

Lyle Rushing

Lyle Everett Rushing (l.everett) is a Los Angeles based artist.  He was born in Monroe, North Carolina.  

Country living affords a lot of free time, and many of those minutes were filled with drawing and sketching for Lyle.  Blank sheets of paper or cardboard were his early canvases. 

“A new shirt was no great thrill for me.  But that piece of cardboard that came with the shirt?  Cause for celebration!” 

He attended the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and served honorably in the US Navy. These years had an indelible impact on his mindset and can be seen in his pieces.   With his move to Los Angeles, the creative spirit was reawakened. 

During a period of self-actualization, Art began to take on an entirely new meaning.  Lyle has an utter fascination with the humans and the ‘life’ experience; with considerable consideration given to the often-overlooked moods of men. Lyle wonderfully captures life's moments with his works on paper, canvas and most recently with acrylic on wood. He creates art pieces that are at once, arresting and moving.  His pieces are in private collections across the country. 

Christine Sawicky

Christine Sawicky was born and raised in America's midwest and attended Champlin Park High School where she excelled at sports and art. She had taken one art class and her skill was obvious from day one. However, sports became her passion and creative impulses were put on the back burner for numerous years. Christine attended St. Cloud State University, where she graduated in four years with a business degree. She went to work for Best Buy World Headquarters for a couple years spending most of that time in the music department. This job rekindled her creative juices.

She decided to pack her bags and head to Los Angeles to see what her creative future held. It was a brilliant and astute decision. The constraints that had held her creative talents back in the midwest were unshackled, and a brand new world, Christine's creative world, enveloped her. It was clear from day one that Hollywood offered her the best and worst aspects of her new creative life. It was an easy conundrum for her to figure out. Keep her moral and ethical standards and work for herself. 

She is now a visual artist, poet, and creates concepts for film and television from the beginning and loves more than anything seeing them come to life. Very quickly, her astonishing skills were recognized. All very well and exciting, but in Christine's world the business degree and entrepreneurial skills she had honed over the years kicked in. She has a plan.

Sali Swalla

Born in Hawaii to a Japanese mother and a US Marine pilot father, her early years were spent living in various US States, Japan and Korea.

Having moved often in her youth and spending so much time "in between"...in between states, countries, houses, schools and cultures... she has created a rich and unique inner world cultivated by all the differences she has seen. A world suspended between here and there. A world which is the foundation for all of her work.

Through her work she hopes to make visible the invisible worlds that move, motivate and guide us as soulful beings. To make the viewer pause, even for the briefest of moments, to reflect on or connect with their deeper selves and make visible to them something that has only ever been a feeling or a dream. She is ever chasing beauty and hoping to share it with the world.

Glen Waggner

Glenn Waggner was born and raised in Southern California. Growing up in the beach communities, he was immersed in the 1970s surfing and skateboarding culture. Always drawing and sketching, Glenn has worked in the architectural profession for the last 25 years. 

It was not until the year 2000, that oil painting was “discovered”. This freer, looser medium was the perfect fit that allowed art to be made using vivid color and no precise lines. And “plein air” helped to capture subject matter quickly and avoided the precise detailing, like that required in architecture.

The subject matter of the paintings uses vivid color, to create a scene that captures a place and moment in time and invokes a story formed by the viewer. Beach towns, restaurant and bar interiors and cityscapes, both real and imaginary, are rendered often with a touch of humor.