Julia Alexander Bates





Julia's Bio

My work aims to bridge the gap between the personal and formal elements specific to ideas of: flatness, color saturation and patterning. I have always been drawn to interior design and the placement and combination of pattern, color and texture to create a visual story. My painting are formed in a similar way, by which I include figures intended to blend or "pop" from their surroundings. The figures are integral to the work, but not any more or less significant than the objects, shapes, or color surrounding them. I consider myself a figurative painter, and the human form is always present, yet I am interested in depicting interior spaces that are equal to the significance of the figure. My intention is to create a hyper-saturated, visual environment, that a figure inhabits and vice-versa. The spaces are domestic, but intended to be pushed to a heightened or alternative version of the domestic.

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Sample artwork