Jaroslav Gebr





Jaroslav's Bio

Jaroslav was a prodigy from a small village outside Prague, who in spite of the horrors of World War II was able to find his art at the Academy's of Prague, Munich and Florence.  Little did he know, for the next fifty years of his life, he would create a most stunning body of work that has not since been matched by any one artist in Hollywood to this day.

Since his escape from communist occupied Czechoslovakia in 1949, Jaroslav Gebr's journey through numerous mediums and styles have evolved - from portraits and frescoes in Bogotá Columbia_ to portraits, murals and visual effects in such Hollywood productions as "The Sound Of Music," "Camelot," “Towering Inferno,” "Dune," "The Sting," "Scarface," television's "Night Gallery," "24" and countless others.

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Sample artwork