Eric Champaign



Eric Champaign

Eric Champagne has lived a full 30 years as a visual artist, explorer, and spiritual pioneer. Growing up riding mountain bikes in the idyllic New England countryside, his connection with nature has always been very prominent in his life.

Like many of us, he was brought up in the Christian church, but as he grew older he branched out to explore different spiritual traditions from around the world in an attempt to broaden his understanding of higher Truth.

After moving South as a teenager he entered into a painful struggle with addiction and mental illness which lasted many years, but he emerged on the other side with a new lease on life. Subsequently he spent some years backpacking across the country, studying and exhibiting art mainly in New York City and Charleston, South Carolina, where he began to take an interest in activism.

By and by his travels took him to the West Coast, where he has been living as a monk in a temple in Los Angeles for over five years and traveling to teach about Bhakti yoga at universities and festivals from Arizona to Washington.

Eric has documented all these personal transformations with his art and recently he has resumed his former occupation as a visual artist as a means of sharing love for God and love for all living things.

After experimenting with a variety of media, Eric now works primarily with sumi ink and watercolor, utilizing the dynamic techniques of traditional Chinese Impressionism and calligraphy.