Debbie Korbel



Debbie Korbel Sculpture

It is a natural tendency for humans, for some more than others, to try to find order in chaos.  As a child Korbel would “see” images in the random patterns of her linoleum flooring or plaster ceilings or even the way certain shadows fell across a wall.  She approaches her art the same way, by standing back and looking for what she may “see” emerge from her materials.
Many of Korbel’s sculptures, particularly her bronze and resin work, are infused with elements such as humor or pathos. She is always trying to connect with the viewer on an emotional level as well as an aesthetic one. She strives to create unique work that is shows her perspective on the human condition. 
Korbel’s assemblage sculptures focus primarily on figurative subject matter, rendered in an unconventional way—turning a pile of seemingly unrelated items into artistic representations.  Every sculpture is like a puzzle; finding and fitting each piece together in its most expressive form to create something new. 
Over the years her creativity has been recognized in various media, including painting, writing for television, short stories,  hip-hop song lyrics, and of course, sculpture.  Her sculptures have won awards, been seen in television shows, published in magazines, collected internationally and her work has been exhibited in numerous galleries.
Debbie is a native Californian and works out of her studio in Los Angeles.

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