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Silvia's Bio

Silvia is an Italian artist and filmmaker working out of Los Angeles, California. Her artwork can be found in many private homes throughout the United States, England, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. She is a member of Women in Film and Cinefemme and shows her work in Los Angeles and internationally. Her work has been broadcasted by FOX television.


Silvia started painting in her mid-twenties while studying film in Los Angeles when she made a magical encounter with her mentor, artist Joe Blaustein. Blaustein guided her in a personal art school adventure in his classes at UCLA and in his private studio in Topanga for over a decade, helping her find her voice and her own style, forever impressing on her the power of expressionism. She was particularly affected by the markmaking of Rembrandt, the rawness of the German expressionists, the poetry of Piero della Francesca and the patterns and angles of the Japanese Floating World in painting, along with the many other talented students in Joe’s classes.


Silvia’s visual research centers on bright colors and their endlessly surprising combinations, applied to revealing the individual identity of people, animals and places. She applies her fascination with the chromatic world to figurative and expressionistic subjects, with a whimsical result anchored in a recognizable reality while at the same time hinting at unimaginable elsewheres. The classic belief that “the eyes are the mirrors of the soul” are at the core of her portraiture.

An important part of her work of the past two years has been interpreting zebra finches, a bird she associates with hope and magic.

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