Frederika Roeder




Frederika's Bio

I describe myself as a California artist.  I am deeply influenced by a west coast lineage and the work of artists such as Peter Alexander, Ed Moses and Richard Diebenkorn.  My paintings are a reflection of my life-long experience on the west coast, particularly the Southern California mountains and beaches.  


I explore the sun, the fog, the night, the mountains, the deserts and the shore - and the shimmering luminosity of it all. I have been lucky to see the twinkling of stars, the phosphorescence and the grunion that comes with a full moon at low tide, the power of a whiteout in the High Sierras, and the intensity and grittiness of the sun baking our beaches and cities.  I have been in the ocean and on it for hours mesmerized by its blue, its froth, colors ranging from gray to green; bodysurfing, board surfing, boogie boarding, sailing, and paddling from Riviera in San Clemente to Rincon, in Santa Barbara. I know the water intimately as I do the snow-trails of the Sierras.  Today, my  work is an expression of a lifetime in the outdoors, deeply embedded through a visual synthesis of emotion, experience and place.


I work primarily in a somewhat minimal abstract format using mixed media including acrylic, gels, resin, molding paste, matte medium, and gloss medium. As an adjunct I have been surrounded by true watermen and women through the world of surfing and sailing; thus, I was introduced to resin early on, a staple of the surf industry. I am comfortable with fluorescence as it is found abundantly in sea life, as well as pearlescence, and micro iridescence as it imitates the changeable conditions of nature, especially sun, water, and snow.  I am essentially a colorist who loves a minimal use of color.

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