Andrée B. Carter




Andree's Bio

Andrée B. Carter is a New Orleans native who moved to Los Angeles in 2012. After several years in Seattle, she seized an opportunity to transfer her position as academic director of liberal arts to a college in Los Angeles. Since both of her sons have called Los Angeles their home for several years, this was the natural thing to do.

Andrée developed her addiction to color and visual rhythms in New Orleans; then combined that understanding of color with the nuanced textures of the verdant northwest. She continued to explore color and texture through the unbelievable diversity that Los Angeles has to offer. Her collage methods range from adding paper, fabric, and her own needlepoint methods. All of these elements add to the physicality of her work.

Andrée received her MFA from the University of New Orleans and her BA from Loyola university in new orleans. She also studied art history in Florence, Italy through a summer program at Tulane university. Since graduate school, she has had numerous solo and group exhibitions. Callan contemporary in New Orleans, Ann Connelly Fine Art in Baton Rouge, Gallery Ima, in Seattle, Trammel-Gagné showroom in Seattle, grand image in Seattle (prints on demand), and gallery 825 in Los Angeles are currently representing Andrée's work.

Some highlights of Andrée's career include a painting fellowship from the Bau institute which was held in Otranto, Italy; a painting fellowship from Virginia center of creative arts; the recipient of the New Orleans painting competition, and several awards from juried shows in Los Angeles. She is a member of Los Angeles art association and women painters west. 

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