Beyond The Lines Gallery features a wide variety of events from group art shows of local and international artists.  we Support artists just starting out in their career jumping into the LA art scene to more established artists of all mediums and styles.  
gallery owner and art director brittany davis teaches artist business workshops and 1 on 1 artist coaching sessions at the gallery.  she also does home studio visit/coaching sessions.  Teaching and seeing artists grow to the next level starting with the basics and going from there with goals has turned into a joyful passion for brittany.  being on the business side of the art scene gives her great insite to help artists of all levels keep growing and keep learning.  checkout our class tab at the top for more details on what is offered.  

Here at Beyond the Lines we want to give artists a place to shine by showcasing outstanding artwork in our gallery. With a wide variety of styles and mediums on display such as sculpture, paintings, mix media, photography and installations every new exhibit is a transformation for our guests to enjoy. We are creating a space where artists can be part of the creative community on multiple levels. There is no limit to the types of art you will experience at our shows. 

Brittany Davis carefully curates every show to have a wonderful flow allowing the artwork on the walls to take you on a journey.  

We also support all the arts by having live music by local musicians and vendors that make handmade goods such as jewelry, bags and more at the opening events as well as dance PERFORMANCES on OCCASION. 

"I strive to bring together groups of artwork that do a few things for the viewers. One they walk in and have their eyes pulled and focused across the walls from piece to piece. And two that each viewer stops at one work in the exhibit and falls in love with the composition, color, texture and movement.  Something about the artwork they can say they truly enjoyed."

 -Brittany Davis, Curator